The need

Haus Barnabas has been dedicated to God for His glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom and our defined aims and objectives are set out alongside for your interest. In past years income from guests staying with us has contributed to approximately two thirds of our annual expenses but God has graciously provided for the shortfall in other ways, principally through the support of a few church fellowships and individual friends.

We are prayerfully pursuing plans to extend our guest facilities in our large, as yet mostly undeveloped, roof space. When fully realised this would double our capacity for guests and provide an upstairs lounge/conference room The potential would then be there for the house and ministry to be more fully self supporting. To see this happen, probably in stages, we would need firstly God’s provision of finance and secondly and no less importantly, His provision of the fellow workers of His choice.

Ways to help

1.  Come and visit us and benefit from the ministry of the house, paying our recommended rates; bring a group, we can help with the organisation; make Haus Barnabas known, under ‘downloads’ is a brochure you can print and and make available in your church, or email to friends.

2. Become a ‘Friend of Haus Barnabas’. Contact David Barnes on and you will receive a monthly news report for interest and prayer.

3. Support us financially, some friends like to make occasional gifts others prefer smaller regular monthly donations. Gifts can be made either directly into our Haus Barnabas Lloyds Bank account (Lloyds Bank; Sort Code: 309611 Acc No: 03415545) or via our supporting charity Bible in Action Trust. The advantage of the latter is that your contribution can be gift-aided which makes it more valuable to us. Click the above link to the the trust’s page for full details.

Our Aims and Objections

1. To provide and run a Christian centre in the Black Forest of Germany as a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a two-fold aim: (a) To promote a personal faith in Jesus Christ. (b) To provide an environment where Christian believers can be encouraged and spiritually refreshed and motivated to practice their faith in their daily lives.

2. Depending on God's blessing, the regular means to be used to achieve these aims are: (a) daily biblical devotions and fellowship; (b) pastoral care and counselling; (c) a regular Sunday worship service and a weekly Bible Study evening; (d) occasional evangelistic meetings and themed conferences and teaching sessions; (e) providing accommodation for those wanting and needing the ministry provided.

3. All guests staying in Haus Barnabas will normally be expected to pay sufficient to cover at least the basic expenses of their stay, while 'recommended rates' will be at a more realistic level to contribute towards the general running of the house and its ministry.

4. Other activities, consistent with biblical principles, and with the ultimate aim of representing and proclaiming the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and world-wide may also be engaged in.