Bible in Action Trust

Registered charity number 1020637
(Supporting charity in the UK for Haus Barnabas)

History of the Trust

Bible in Action Trust is a registered charity in the UK, established in 1990 primarily to provide a channel of financial support for the ministry of Len & Phyl Holder in the Black Forest. The first trustees included three elders of Duncan Road Church, Swanwick, Mr Ron Pittwell (Phyl’s father), Mr Derek New and Mr Martin Fielder.  Duncan Road Church is the Open Brethren Assembly in which Phyl was brought up, where Len and Phyl were married in 1967 and who agreed to give them home support when they first went to Switzerland in 1983.  Mr David Edward, an officer in the FIEC church at Herne Bay, was the fourth founding trustee.

The present trustees are:

David Barnes (Chairman), Paul Brooks, Janet Lawson, Windsor Smith & Jonathan Jeffreys.


Jonathan Jeffreys

Email: jonojeffreys.1990(at)

Tel: 0044 7790 941542

Address: Spellbrook, Oddingley, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 7ND


If you are a British taxpayer we would encourage you to gift-aid your contributions to the Trust and the following link will provide you with a printable Gift Aid Form which you should please fill in, sign and send to the treasurer.

Aims and Objectives

The practical aim of Bible in Action Trust and its workers is to prayerfully propagate the biblical Gospel by faithfully expounding the Word of God in a clear and relevant way through preaching, literature and personal witness.

Our Basis

This aim is based on our conviction that:

1. The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are the Holy Scriptures, being in their original form inspired of God to the extent that the human authors' choice of individual words has divine significance. The Scriptures being therefore God's unique, inerrant and infallible objective revelation in written form.

2.  Each personal subjective communication which God graciously makes to mankind through His Spirit will normally come by means of the Scriptures and without exception will agree with both the spirit and letter of His written revelation.

Our Objectives

In prayerfully pursuing our aim based on the above doctrinal convictions we have the following expectations which we state in the Trust’s objectives.

1. That men and women will be saved, i.e. brought into the possession of eternal life through the Word of God becoming to them through the power of the Holy Spirit, the seed of regeneration, and leading them into a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

2. That Christians will be nurtured and built up in their faith through a deeper understanding of the truths of the Word of God.

3. That falsehood and error, through which Satan deceives both non-Christians and Christians and holds them in varying degrees of bondage of spirit, will be exposed through the light of God's Truth.

Bible in Action is concerned to have a part in the Church's ongoing obedience to our Lord's great commission recorded for us in Matt. 28.19-20: "GO, make disciples of all nations .... teaching them to observe all things that l have commanded you".

The work is interdenominational in as far as we welcome fellowship with all Christians who acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Holy Scriptures.