With a minimum of full-time team members we are very depend-ant on volunteers to help both with general housework at busy times and those jobs which otherwise just wouldn’t get done.

Benefits of coming as a volunteer:

(i) Working with a team in a Christian environment with spiritual input through morning devotions, regular Biblical ministry and opportunities for spiritually helpful conversations.
(ii) Spending time in a mainly English-speaking house but within a German-speaking community.
(iii) Using time, strength and talents in the service of God through serving others.

Types of help needed - In addition to kitchen and housework all types of DIY skills are needed and there is much outside garden and forest work which we ourselves never get to.

Arrangements - Please contact us to offer your services. Most of our helpers are able to finance their own travel arrangements although we are happy to advise on this. For suitable people at suitable times are are able to provide board and lodgings and if you are able to cover basis accommodation costs at £10 per day this is appreciated, although we don’t expect this from students on the one hand or on the other skilled workers giving their time to do specific jobs. We are desperately praying for longer term helpers and in this case we would hope to have the recommendation of a home church.